Blandford Welcome Group

- for families fleeing a war-torn world

Privacy policy

We give here a summary of some of the key points (see the link below for the full policy, though much of this relates to uses which are not relevant).

  1. When you provide us with Personal Data in order to engage with us as a volunteer or to make a donation or regular sponsorship, we will keep a record of the data you give to us in order to enable us to comply with our statutory obligations.
  2. Everyone has rights with regard to how their Personal Data is handled by organisations. The BWG is committed to ensuring that Personal Data is properly and securely managed in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.
  3. We may hold the following types of Personal Data:
    1. Name and contact details.
    2. Gender, age, date of birth, marital status and nationality.
    3. Information about your relevant skills and contacts.
    4. Financial information (e.g. bank details) and details of any donations you have made.
    5. Information obtained as a result of any background checks on volunteers.
    6. And any other information which you choose to provide to us or that we are provided by others.
  4. On what grounds do we process your personal data?
    1. The activities that are within our legitimate interests in advancing and maintaining the charitable purpose of the Blandford Welcome Group.
    2. By volunteering or making a one-off or regular donation, you are deemed to have given consent (which can be withdrawn at any time by contacting us using the details below) for us to process your information (e.g. to send you information or fundraising communications by email or SMS).
    3. The Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation (e.g. where we pass on information to a local authority for safeguarding or other reasons).
  5. Who will we share your information with?
    1. We will only use your Personal Data for the purposes for which it was obtained, unless you have explicitly agreed that we may share your Personal Data with another organisation or unless we are otherwise permitted or required to under the Data Protection Rules or order of a Court or other competent regulatory body or as set out in this Notice.
    2. Only members of the Blandford Welcome Group management committee and finance team will have access to your data, which will not be passed on otherwise than as specified here.
    3. We also may be required to share your Personal Data so that we can benefit from Gift Aid nominations you have made e.g. with HMRC.

Please follow this link for the full Diocese of Plymouth Privacy Policy under which we operate.