Blandford Welcome Group

- for families fleeing a war-torn world

All volunteers are welcome

Everyone is very welcome to help, in whatever way you can, for just a few hours or more. For example:

  • Arranging and helping with fundraising
  • Assisting or taking part in events
  • Donating or becoming a regular sponsor (see Donate page)
  • Publicising what we are about
  • Welcoming the family
  • Helping them to practice speaking English
  • Showing them local shops, neighbourhood, and transport
  • Liaising with schools and medical centres
  • Helping with finance applications
  • Social media engagement
  • Helping children settle in to school and join after-school activities
  • Donating furniture, clothing and household goods
  • Helping with employment, to support the family’s independence and self-sufficiency. The experience is that adults in refugee families are extremely keen to find work and to become self-reliant when they are fit and able
  • Training other volunteers

Volunteering is enriching for you and your family. You might have a specific skill to share or you might want to support our administration and fundraising work. All volunteers who will be meeting the family are required to have a screening interview, agree to background checking and undergo formal training. But don't be put off! We've all had to do it and it isn't that bad.

We are a friendly group who have come together from a mutual desire to help a family achieve a safe and productive life in our community.

If you are interested to enquire further about any form of volunteering or getting involved, please email us at info@blandfordwelcome.group

Please do also consider donation or sponsorship – for which please click on the Donate page link.

For more information, visit the FAQ page.